Wild&free - Rehabilitation And Release

Wild&free - Rehabilitation And Release

Charity information

Wild&free - Rehabilitation And Release

Wild & Free - Rehabilitation and Release supports wildlife organisations that rescue, rehabilitate and release wild animals back to the wild through the provision of grants.

Founded 2014

  • Mission statement

    (1) The conservation of endangered species of animals by the provision of grants.

    (2) The advancement of education for the public benefit on rehabilitation and reintroduction to all individuals, groups and societies concerned with the rescue of wild animals, which are endangered, orphaned, sick, injured or abused and by raising awareness of standards and necessary requirements to rehabilitate and reintroduce wild animals to their natural habitats.

  • Aims

    Wild&free - Rehabilitation And Release aims to:

    • All rescued wild animals that are releasable survive and thrive in the wild, with the understanding that natural causes may lead to possible deaths.
    • No more captive facilities to entertain the public, but only animal sanctuaries that either provide life long care of highest standards or rehabilitation centres that successfully release wild animals
  • Overview

    Established: October 2014

    Registered Charity Number: 1158750

    Board members: 2

    Volunteers: 3

    Phone number: 07815553834

    Address: 131N St John's Way N19 3RQ

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