Sheffield Occupational Health Advisory Service

Sheffield Occupational Health Advisory Service

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Sheffield Occupational Health Advisory Service

We deliver Sheffield’s Job Retention service which helps people whose health is affected by their work. SOHAS advisers work out of 30 GP surgeries with the majority of patients being referred by their GP. In this financial year will give see approximately 1800 patients. Advisers work falls mainly into the following categories:

• Providing advice and support to patients whose work is affecting their health who are still at work.
• Providing advice and support to patients who have been signed off sick by their GP to return to work.
• Give advice on prevention e. G. Minimising risk within the workplace.
• Give advice on health and safety issues including occupational accidents, disease and accidents.

The main outcomes for our work are:

• Improve patients health
• Improve patients conditions at work
• Return patients to work more easily
• Raise awareness of potential work related health problems
• Reduce patients visits to their GP
• Reduce patient stress levels
• Improve communication with their manager
• On average 65% of patients say that the advice they were given enabled them to stay in their job

Founded 1980

  • Mission statement

    We are experts in providing health and support to people to alleviate the effects of work on their health. We provide a job retention service to the people of Sheffield that helps them to manage their workplace health issues and keep them in enmployment

  • Aims

    Sheffield Occupational Health Advisory Service aims to:

    • To protect and preserve the health of people in their past and present places of work and people who may be affected by the activities of industry and to offer services to combat workplace ill heath
    • To advance education by promoting research into health and safety at work and the causes of work related disease and to publish the useful results of such research
  • Overview

    Established: May 1980

    Registered Charity Number: 1085464

    Board members: 3

    Full time staff: 2

    Part time staff: 6

    Volunteers: 1

    Phone number: 0114 2755760

    Address: 4th floor Furnival House 48 Furnival Gate Sheffield S1 4QP

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