Brighton Early Music Festival

Brighton Early Music Festival

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Brighton Early Music Festival

Brighton Early Music Festival programmes outstanding performances of early music, as well as providing inspirational support for music graduates and working extensively with schools and the local community. At the heart of our work is an annual celebration each autumn of up to 25 events celebrating the music of the past.

Two hallmarks of the festival are:
1. Our programming of work which explores the boundaries of early western music and its relationships with other genres, including world music, folk and jazz
2. Our involvement of local people at all levels of the festival, including as amateur and professional performers and as volunteers.

We are the second largest early music event in the UK, with several events each year broadcast on BBC Radio 3. We receive no regular funding. We have a community ethos, with over 75% of our work undertaken by an army of 70-80 volunteers who get involved at every level. Our audience feedback is full of references to the festival’s special inclusive and friendly quality: “diversity,” “colour,“ “the fun and virtuosity,” “accessibility,” and ”imagination” are just some of the words that reoccur.

“not only were the concerts full (to bursting in come cases) but the audience represented as wide a section of ages as I have seen at recent early music festivals. " Jonathan Wikeley, Early Music Today, December 2008

Founded 2003

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