Medical Detection Dogs

Medical Detection Dogs

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Medical Detection Dogs

We have two distinct areas of work:

• Bio Detection Dogs
• Medical Alert Assistance Dogs

Training dogs to alert to life threatening conditions in children and adults and early detection of cancer and other diseases.

Founded 2008

  • Mission statement

    The Charity's mission:
    (a) To conduct research into the detection, recognition and diagnosis of diseases and medical conditions by the use of dogs and other animals trained in the recognition of relevant stimuli, and the publication of such research for the public benefit; and

    (b) The relief of sickness and the protection of health for the public benefit or children and adults, by the detection, recognition and diagnosis of diseases and medical conditions, by the use of dogs trained in the recognition of relevant stimuli.

    In relation to (a) the Charity has continued to conduct research into the early diagnosis of cancer. A second research paper has been published.
    In relation to (b) the Charity has ongoing assistance dog projects. It is investigating the possibility of a project to provide a secondary screening service by diagnosing cancer from samples sent by hospitals.

    We have managed two world firsts this year with the placement of two unique medical alerting assistance dogs. In the first of their kind we have placed the first dog able to detect airborne nut traces and provide a reliable alert to a client with very severe nut allergy and also place the very first dog able to work with a client Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS) – a condition that causes dangerous blackouts.
    While diabetes alert assistance dogs still make up around 75% of our assistance dogs we are by no means limiting ourselves to only helping diabetes sufferers. Aside from the PoTs and airborn

  • Aims

    Medical Detection Dogs aims to:

    • To cover the costs of training a Medical Alert Assistance Dog for a child or adult at £11,200.00 plus ongoing yearly support costs of £750. To place another 15 dogs in 2015/6
    • To cover the cost of the robust proof of principle prostate cancer study over 3 years of £150,000.00
    • To cover the cost of a new dog trainer in the Bio - Detection Unit of £25,000.00 per annum, to enable us to train more cancer detection dogs
  • Overview

    Established: May 2008

    Registered Charity Number: 1124533

    Board members: 8

    Full time staff: 14

    Part time staff: 12

    Volunteers: 585

    Phone number: 01296655888

    Address: 3 Millfield, Greenway Business Park, Winslow Road, Great Horwood, Milton Keynes MK17 0NP

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