Dkms Bone Marrow Donor Centre

Dkms Bone Marrow Donor Centre

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Dkms Bone Marrow Donor Centre

Someone is diagnosed with blood cancer in the UK every 20 minutes. Every minute of every day blood cancer takes a life somewhere in the world. We are committed to increasing the number of potential stem cell donors in the UK, so that there is a donor for everyone who needs one.

Founded 2012

  • Mission statement

    In the UK, every 20 minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer such as leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma, that’s around 30,000 people every year or 72 people every day. Every 10 minute’s blood cancer takes a life somewhere in the world. Blood cancers affect the production and function of your blood cells. For many blood cancer patients, a stem cell donation is their only chance of survival, but a blood stem cell donation from an unrelated, healthy person with the same tissue type often represents their best, and sometimes only, chance of survival. However, despite being treatable and potentially curable, blood cancer today remains one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in the UK. At present, only half of the 2,000 blood cancer patients in the UK who require a lifesaving stem cell donation will find the matching donor that they need.

    Our key mission is to recruit, retain and to increase the pool of registered potential donors on the UK Stem Cell Registry who are on standby to be matched to a blood cancer patient in need of lifesaving stem cell donation.

  • Aims

    Dkms Bone Marrow Donor Centre aims to:

    • To raise awareness and empower people to register as potential blood stem cell donors,
    • To raise funds to register more potential life savers
    • To give people with Blood Cancer a second chance at life
    • To join our campaign by taking action in their communities, schools, and companies; working with volunteers and organisations throughout the UK to inspire and register more people.
  • Overview

    Established: December 2012

    Registered Charity Number: 1150056

    Full time staff: 29

    Volunteers: 3

    Phone number: 0208 747 5653

    Address: Ashburnham House Castle Row, Horticultural Place W4 4JQ

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