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Here 2 Help

Here 2 Help aims to provide emotional logistical and technical support children and families struggling with Atopic Dermatitas (AD).

Founded 2013

  • Mission statement

    Atopic Dermatitas is one of the most severe skin condition known causing chronic inflammatory skin that significantly impact patient's quality of life. It manifests itself in redness, rashes and swelling of the skin, compounded by and uncontrollable urge to scratch, particularly when affecting children and babies. The in turn causes open wounds leading to infection.
    Coping with the condition is both difficult and exhausting. When a child is suffering, he requires round the clock care and parents have to apply ointments, administer medication as well as keep guard so theat the child will not injure himself further. Thus must be done even whilst the child is crying and restless to to the terrible discomfort caused by the condition.
    Here 2 Help was founded in 2013 with the goal of aiding those sufering of AD alond with the families. Our mission is to provide much needed guidance and support in weathering the challenges brought upon by AD. We have 400 families registered in our organization turning to us for updated information regarding treatments, medications and seeking practical advice in coping with the challenge. Our sevices include a helpline, support groups for parents, support groups for children and teenager AD sufferers, a bi-monthly magazine , volunteer support, weekend retreats and more.

  • Aims

    Here 2 Help aims to:

    • We aim to support parent who seek guidance, advice and education. We have created a helpline for parents as well as provide personal meetings in a more individual and hands-on approach.
    • We wish to reduce the isolation felt by parens struggling with an Atopic child. We arrange support groups for parents to meet others sharing similar struggles monthly.
    • We aim to provide logistical and technical support by training and matching up volunteers to help provide care and an extra hand to overworked parents.
    • We recognize that there is a lack of awareness even within the medical community and are active among medical proffessionals in raising awareness of the special needs of children with AD.
    • Documented medical research prove that a stay of 4-6 weeks in the remedial environment of Swiss Alps town Davos can have healing affects on AD sufferers. We aim to make Davos accessible to A patients
  • Overview

    Established: March 2013

    Registered Charity Number: 1160823

    Board members: 2

    Full time staff: 2

    Volunteers: 40

    Phone number: 0208442 9920

    Address: 63a Lampard Grove London N16 6XA

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