The National Foundation For Youth Music

The National Foundation For Youth Music

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The National Foundation For Youth Music

Youth Music is a charity dedicated to helping children and young people cope with the challenging circumstances they face in their lives, by providing access to high quality music-making projects.

Founded 1999

  • Mission statement

    Our vision is that life-changing music-making is available to all children and young people.

    Youth Music projects help young people to develop emotionally and socially. They learn to communicate, to become more confident, to believe in their power to achieve and to take control of their own lives. They develop resilience to challenges; learn to manage difficult feelings; understand how to look after themselves and to empathise with others. We support young people to learn practical skills, develop positive behaviours, and recognise and celebrate their achievements.

    We have extensive evidence which proves that music-making brings positive personal, social and musical benefits for children and young people. The projects we support engage children through an
    extremely diverse range of genres, styles and techniques. Right now we can only support around one third of the funding applications we receive, and the need continues to grow

  • Aims

    The National Foundation For Youth Music aims to:

    • Life circumstances Music-making gives young people an important respite from their problems, and can help them to overcome loneliness and depression.
    • Behavioural issues Music-making helps young people to express their emotions, and to engage with their local communities.
    • Economic difficulties Music-making provides young people with valuable transferrable skills to help them gain employment, including computer skills, improved numeracy and motivation.
    • Life conditions Music-making gives young people confidence in their abilities, and helps to foster strong friendships.
  • Overview

    Established: June 1999

    Registered Charity Number: 1075032

    Board members: 9

    Full time staff: 19

    Part time staff: 2

    Phone number: 0207 902 1060

    Address: Suites 3-5Swan Court9 Tanner Street SE1 3LE

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