EDP (Educational Development Projects) Trust

EDP (Educational Development Projects) Trust

Charity information

EDP (Educational Development Projects) Trust

EDP runs Awutu-Winton Senior High School; a fee- free Senior Secondary School in Southern Ghana which gives impoverished youngsters the chance to continue their education and better their lives.

Founded 2009

  • Mission statement

    We believe that low social mobility and lack of educational opportunities is arguably the biggest social challenge of our time. The income gap between the richest and the poorest continues to widen, while education opportunities remain overwhelmingly dominated by children from privileged homes. The surest way to narrow this gap is through education. We are here to help bridge this gap in the community.

    Awutu-Winton Senior High School is a non-profit, private senior secondary education institution whose mission is to provide high quality senior secondary education for free to the neediest youth in the local communities; those who would otherwise not be able to afford to further their education. We aim to be equal in our admissions policy, ambitious for our future and for our pupils and secular in our outlook; we want to give opportunities to all regardless of religious background.

    As of Oct 2014 we have a student population of 320 who are instructed in the Ghanaian national curriculum by a teaching staff numbering about 20. There are now two single storey classroom blocks, which include well equipped Science and IT labs, and a reasonably stocked library which is kept open at weekends for private study.

    From the very first day that AWSHS started running, we have tried to involve the community in everything we do. We continue to enjoy good relationship with both the local government and tribal chiefs.

  • Aims

    EDP (Educational Development Projects) Trust aims to:

    • Provide Senior Secondary education for free to the neediest youngsters in the community who would otherwise not be able to afford it and thus give better life prospects to them and their families
    • Use education to tackle low social mobility in this impoverished area of Ghana and hence as a tool to help bridge the income gap between the richest and the poorest
    • Encourage budding entrepreneurism and promote enterprise through our extracurricular Business Club and various Social Enterprise ventures at the school which students are directly involved with
    • Work towards Awutu-Winton Senior High School becoming both a centre for academic, as well as sporting, excellence
  • Overview

    Established: May 2009

    Registered Charity Number: 1129398

    Board members: 4

    Full time staff: 1

    Part time staff: 1

    Volunteers: 5

    Phone number: 07979892978

    Address: 41 Redland Road Flat 2 BS6 6AG

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