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Global Charity Ventures

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Global Charity Ventures

Its aim is to sustain the development of a new generation of African leaders. Ts operations have been focused in female education and entrepreneurship by organising an operational hub in West Africa.

Founded 2013

  • Mission statement

    Global Charity Ventures is driven by the idea of generating a new class of business and social leaders. We pave the future of African people by hiring fresh graduates and organising a Charity Hub. The infrastructure of Africa’s growth can be influenced by our existence.

    Global Charity Ventures recognizes the importance of young graduates as drivers of Africa’s development. Our objective is to incubate African local leaders. We commit our employees to the growth of their own communities. We provide them with a Charity Hub as the heart of their future development and private investments.

    The real development of a country is also made of individuals engaged and capable to understand and connect their communities. We strongly believe that those challenges can be won by a generation of native young graduates. They are trained to spot the strengths and business potential of their areas, taking the economic and financial supervision of local businesses and job creation processes which has an impact on underdeveloped areas. They are informed in centers for global businesses and can attract private finance.

    We think that these things happen because the existence of a multi-media center run by African graduates in charge of improving their areas and connecting them to the most developed nations in the world. Our people have excellent analytical and language skills. They are committed to their communities and linked to Global economies.

  • Aims

    Global Charity Ventures aims to:

    • Support female education and entrepreneurship in African countries
  • Overview

    Established: January 2013

    Board members: 3

    Volunteers: 10

    Phone number: 07899035079

    Address: 18a Cleveland Way E1 4UF