Rusthall Community & Youth project

Rusthall Community & Youth project

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Rusthall Community & Youth project

We provide out school, out of hours youth activities of art, craft, music, construction, indoor games and gardening in our village of Rusthall situated on the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells, for youth aged 9-12 years at the Zone group and 13-16 at the Zone Plus group, along with dance, fitness and boxing facilities for older youth and young adults. Currently we have attendance levels of 1700 per ten week term.

We have had for ten years 'temporary' occupation of a disused part of the village Library and for five years use of a portable unit constructed by ourselves on the same site. We are looking to obtain permanent ownership for youth and the community by redeveloping an ineffective sports pavilion situated at playing fields which have benefited from a new play area for youth. We have been informed by our local council, that, provided we retain six changing rooms, we can develop the site.

A matrix produced by us highlighted reasons for and how we would overcome 'green belt' issues. This has been received favourably. Immediately following the election, we will be distributing a resident and club survey to establish the type of expected use and to ascertain the sustainablity and substantialness of the intended project.

The development is expected to cost £700,000.

We will be looking for grant funding as well as raising money from residents. The development will involve all ages of the community in concept and design. We intend to source local builders and craftsmen, to ensure funds are not usurped and to ensure the development is community driven.

Founded 1997