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Smart Network

SMart Network was established in September 2000. The charity is dedicated to empowering homeless and socially excluded people through the arts to help them find pathways to social inclusion.

Founded 2000

  • Mission statement

    Empowerment, Self-development and Inclusion through Art

    SMart has very clear and focused objectives:

    • To be the principal agent for the marketing of the work of homeless and socially excluded people working in a professional manner.
    • To be an effective means of publicising the social issues raised by homelessness and socially marginalised people, in order to increase public awareness.
    • To be an influential pressure group, capable of bringing significant pressure to bear on government and industry, and the community at large.
    • To spread SMart philosophy and inspire to create new projects and support and help to develop existing ones.
    • To contribute to get rid of the negative stigmas of homeless, jobless or mentally ill people carry as their ID, to help them to regain their real identity as people.

    Our experience has shown us that people’s needs are more than shelter, food, and financial assistance. When people’s lives lack social structure, constructive activities and active participation in the community they are at risk of losing their home, becoming alcohol and/or drug abusers, or developing mental health problems. Therefore it is essential to engage them in constructive activities on a regular basis to provide them with a sense of belonging in their community.

  • Aims

    Smart Network aims to:

    • Facilitating the self-development of the socially marginalised. SMart takes people from a state of financial reliance on social services and the community to one of self-dependence.
  • Overview

    Established: September 2000

    Registered Charity Number: 1085852

    Board members: 3

    Volunteers: 10

    Phone number: 07702497719

    Address: PO Box 64198 London United Kingdom WC1A 9FL

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