Friends Of Kipkelion

Friends Of Kipkelion

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Friends Of Kipkelion

Working with the people of Kipkelion District, Kenya, to build a better future – focussed on the provision of clean water, sanitation, basic healthcare, education and the rights of women and girls.

Founded 2010

  • Mission statement

    Friends of Kipkelion works in a community in rural Kenya, helping to provide the local people with education, clean water and sanitation and basic health care. Kipkelion is a remote area in Kenya’s Rift Valley with a population of 228,000, half of whom are children under 18 years old. The area suffered badly from the violent conflict in Kenya following the 2008 elections, and its development was seriously impaired by the destruction and displacement of people which resulted. The people mainly live by subsistence farming and 44% are below the Kenyan national poverty line. Both infant mortality rates and maternal mortality rates are high. Only 30% of boys and 20% of girls complete secondary school. Our work is mainly focussed on:
    • Helping girls to complete their education
    • Helping communities to eradicate FGM which is prevalent in the area
    • Providing clean water to eliminate cholera and reduce child mortality
    • Providing bursaries for the poorest children to go to school
    • Promoting health education
    • Enabling economic empowerment
    Our aim is that the people of Kipkelion should be the authors of their own development and all our work is determined by the needs which they bring to us. We have excellent relationships with strong Kenyan partner organisations which are based in the area, and we work to ensure that all projects fully sustainable.

  • Aims

    Friends Of Kipkelion aims to:

    • Enabling all children to attend school safely and regularly by providing clean water, washrooms and sanitation in every school.
    • Enabling girls to attend school regularly after puberty by providing them with affordable sanitary pads and building school washrooms, and showing them how maintain these.
    • Eradicating FGM from Kipkelion by providing an alternative coming of age programme and by sensitising the community to the importance of eradicating FGM.
    • Empowering local women to start small businesses through the provision of micro finance facilities and training in business techniques.
    • Providing basic health education in schools and communities so that preventable diseases can be reduced by improved hygiene and better first aid knowledge.
  • Overview

    Established: September 2010

    Registered Charity Number: 1142476

    Board members: 5

    Volunteers: 5

    Phone number: 02089408765

    Address: 1 Townshend Road, Richmond TW9 1XH

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