Medics against Violence

Medics against Violence

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Medics against Violence

Medics against Violence was founded and is run by healthcare workers we aim to change attitudes to violence among young people in Scotland and reduce levels of injury due to all kinds of violence

Founded 2009

  • Mission statement

    We are about one thing, preventing violence. The six trustees of MAV share the concerns of many fellow healthcare professionals and justice workers about the number of young people presenting to hospital services with injuries sustained as a result of interpersonal violence and they share a common wish to tackle this issue through public health and prevention in the belief that such injuries are preventable.
    To achieve this we will work to raise awareness of all forms of violence thorough campaigns and partnership working.
    We will work with young people in schools, youth clubs and young offender institutions to try to change attitudes to violence in all its forms, knife carrying, gang membership.
    We will educate young people about the consequences of violence to allow them to make informed decisions about keeping themselves safe.
    We will educate health care workers about domestic abuse and sexual violence to allow them to help their patients access specialist appropriate help to improve their situation.

  • Aims

    Medics against Violence aims to:

    • To educate young people in matters of violence and the consequences of violence and to develop in them a sense of responsibility in regard to personal conduct and behaviour
    • To preserve and protect the good health both mental and physical of parents, young people and children and to prevent financial hardship, caused by violence
    • To educate the public regarding violence and the social, physical and psychological consequences of violence, and health with particular reference to personal responsibility in relationships
    • To promote education and research in the subject of violence, the consequences and reduction of violence and into its effects on individual perpetrators or victims, whether physical, medical or social
    • To promote, for the benefit of the public, the efficiency of the Police Scotland and to promote good citizenship and greater public participation in the prevention and solution of violence
  • Overview

    Established: December 2009

    Board members: 6

    Full time staff: 2

    Volunteers: 250

    Phone number: 0141 211 9655

    Address: Pegasus House 375 West George Street Glasgow G2 4LW

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