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CoolTan Arts believes mental wellbeing is enhanced by the power of creativity. It' a charity run by and for people with mental distress and exists to inspire the well-being and creative participation of a diverse range of people through the production of quality art. We work with highly marginalised people experiencing mental distress.

We provide creative workshops, community advocacy, self advocacy training, organise monthly Largactyl Shuffle walks, public exhibitions, and provide volunteering oipportunities to people with and without mental distress.

CoolTan Arts has an important role, as it enables people with mental distress to respond positively to their condition whilst engaging them with the wider public in positive mental health promotion through arts.

CoolTan is based on Walworth Road, South London and runs a community arts centre with public art gallery. This public space, which has full disabled access, is open to the public Monday to Friday, and makes CoolTan Arts more inclusive.

Founded 1997

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