Hounslow Action for Youth Association (HAY)

Hounslow Action for Youth Association (HAY)

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Hounslow Action for Youth Association (HAY)

HAY was set up to reduce youth crime in deprived areas of Hounslow in west London. Based at the Hanworth Centre, we provide a range of educational, social and recreational opportunities for vulnerable children and young people, to divert them from anti-social behaviour and give them essential life skills.

We run a Breakfast Club, a Pre-School, youth groups for three age groups, a Junior Youth Inclusion Project (JYIP), a parenting support project and Connexions, a programme that provides intensive support for 16 to 19 year olds who are not in education, employment or training.

With the range of projects and continuity of support that we offer, HAY provides a unique service, the need for which is demonstrated by our track record and by the number of referrals we receive to the Centre.

Founded 1986

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