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St Andrew's First Aid

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St Andrew's First Aid

In a crisis it’s vital that first aid is delivered with confidence. St Andrew's First Aid is Scotland’s leading first aid charity. Together, we can save lives.

Founded 1882

  • Mission statement

    St Andrew’s First Aid is Scotland’s leading First Aid charity. We believe that no one should die because they needed First Aid and didn’t get it. We aim to save lives in Scotland through teaching First Aid skills, providing volunteering opportunities and campaigning on life-saving issues.
    Last year our volunteers gave almost 150,000 hours to ensure public safety, treated around 4,000 casualties and attended around 4,000 events all over Scotland. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation; we have almost 2,000 volunteers who provide First Aid cover at many high profile events throughout Scotland. We are deeply rooted in Scottish communities and our services are available to everyone and every day. Together, we can save lives.

  • Aims

    St Andrew's First Aid aims to:

    • We aim to save lives in Scotland through teaching First Aid skills.
    • To encourage the involvement of children in suitable First Aid activities as members of the Cadets and Badgers.
    • To encourage links with other voluntary organisations within the community, so that common cause might usefully be made with such organisations, in appropriate circumstances.
    • To encourage and organise the formation of voluntary personnel into a recognised Corps for the instruction and practice of the principles of First Aid.
    • To recognise the attainment of proficiency by the formal issue of certificates or such other awards by the charity, to persons who are First Aid trained or attended and passed First Aid classes.
  • Overview

    Established: August 1882

    Board members: 15

    Full time staff: 40

    Part time staff: 4

    Volunteers: 2000

    Phone number: 0300 4 666 999

    Address: 48 Milton Street, Glasgow G4 0HR

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  • AEDs in the community

    We want to ensure that every event covered by our volunteers is attended with an AED. This... More