The Tree Of Life For Animals(TOLFA)

The Tree Of Life For Animals(TOLFA)

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The Tree Of Life For Animals(TOLFA)

TOLFA is an animal hospital and shelter in Rajasthan, India. Since 2005 we have vaccinated 17,000 dogs against rabies. We provide rescue and care to sick and injured animals and education projects.

Founded 2005

  • Mission statement

    The Tree of Life for Animals (TOLFA) is a dynamic charity that has, since 2005,been working in rural Rajasthan, India. Although established to tackle the extreme suffering of stray animals that can be found on every Indian street, we also have a heavy emphasis on improving the lives of the human population. Our primary aims are:

    1. Eradicating rabies in the local area, through sterilization and vaccination of street dogs, thereby impacting on the incidence of it occurring in the human population. India has the highest number of human fatalities from rabies of anywhere in the world
    2. Providing a rescue service to pick up sick and injured animals that are transported to the hospital facility where they receive medical and surgical veterinary treatment. Once supported back to health, we release the animal back to its original environment.
    3. Providing free veterinary treatment to goats and cows belonging to poor rural farmers that rely heavily on their animals for survival, but are unable to afford veterinary fees
    4. Running an education programme for school children teaching them the importance of the animals in our environment and good animal welfare practices.

    TOLFA has transformed a barren piece of agricultural land into an incredibly busy hospital and shelter with more than 250 animals in our care at any one time. We now have 100+ kennel facility, quarantine, dispensary, exercise yards, small and large animal operation theatres, prep room andmonkey enclosure.

  • Aims

    The Tree Of Life For Animals(TOLFA) aims to:

    • Eradicating rabies through sterilisation and rabies vaccination of the stray dog population, thereby reducing it's incidence in the human population.
    • Rescue and care of sick and injured animals by providing a rescue vehicle and hospital facility. We also provide lifetime sanctuary to those animals that need it.
    • Rural development - we provide free veterinary care to animals of poor local farmers and run a community animal health worker (CAHW) project to educate and empower rural communities.
    • Education - we run an education project for schoolchildren and local people on animal welfare and basic health precautions.
  • Overview

    Established: October 2005

    Registered Charity Number: 1120789

    Board members: 4

    Full time staff: 33

    Part time staff: 1

    Volunteers: 5

    Phone number: 07835208529

    Address: 95 Bath Road Stroud Gloucestershire GL5 3LA

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