Action On Elder Abuse

Action On Elder Abuse

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Action On Elder Abuse

We work to protect, and prevent the abuse of, vulnerable older adults and by doing so we also protect other adults a risk of abuse.
We were the first charity to address these problems and are the only charity in the UK and in Ireland working exclusively on the issue today. Consequently, when you provide support to us, or make a donation, you can be sure that it will be used exclusively on issues relating to elder abuse and nothing else.

Founded 1993

  • Mission statement

    We are seeking to create an environment in which the abuse of older people i no longer tolerated and we are doing this, first, through increasing awareness of the public and practitioners about the nature and extent of elder abuse and , second, by facilitating the development of policies, procedures and cultures that both abhor and challenge abuse.

  • Aims

    Action On Elder Abuse aims to:

    • Our vision is a society which values older people and one in which they and other adults can live free from abuse perpetrated by those in whom they have an expectation of trust. Where such abuse occurs we seek an environment in which it can be identified and addressed. We want to facilitate actions and create circumstances that prevent abuse. It is better to prevent abusive situations than to intervene afterward to protect; We want to encourage timely and effective intervention to protect when abuse occurs. The circumstances of abuse often mean that the impact is profound and opportunities for intervention are limited; We want to increase awareness of abuse at an individual and societal level. By doing so we increase the ability of people to recognise, identify and take action against elder abuse;
    • We want to increase the awareness of abuse of all those working with or having a responsibility for adults at risk of abuse. By doing so we increase the ability of practitioners and others to respond appropriately to circumstances of abuse; We want to encourage genuine empowerment, free from coercion, which allows people to make informed choices about their lives.
  • Overview

    Established: January 1993

    Registered Charity Number: 1140543

    Board members: 12

    Full time staff: 4

    Part time staff: 5

    Volunteers: 4

    Phone number: 0208 8359290

    Address: 23-25 Mitcham Lane London SW16 6LQ

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