The Aleh Charitable Foundation

The Aleh Charitable Foundation

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The Aleh Charitable Foundation

ALEH is Israel's largest network of residential facilities for children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities. We provide 650 children in Israel with high-level medical and rehabilitative care in four residential facilities.

Founded 1982

  • Mission statement

    ALEH believes that every child, regardless of the severity of the physical or cognitive disability, has the right to benefit from the best available care in order to reach his or her fullest potential.

    This steadfast commitment has since changed the face of rehabilitative care in Israel. Today, over 650 children with cognitive and physical disabilities receive state-of-the-art medical, educational and rehabilitative care in ALEH’s facilities.

    ALEH cares for children with medical conditions such as autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome, as well as genetic disorders, including Tay-Sachs, Canavan disease and Rett syndrome. Without ALEH, many of these children would otherwise spend their lives in hospitals, with no opportunities for rehabilitation, education, and the love and warmth of a home.

    At the heart of ALEH’s success is the intensely personal relationship that develops between caregivers and the children they care for. Its 400+staffers and large cadre of volunteers develop a close-knit bond with their charges that goes well beyond clinical care. Thanks to ALEH, these children are able to live in much the same way as non-disabled children: attending school, participating in vocational programs and enjoying activities such as swimming at the beach or or touring the countryside.

    We believe that a strong society is judged by the way it cares for its most vulnerable members. Please join us in our mission to raise the bar for this and all future generations.

  • Aims

    The Aleh Charitable Foundation aims to:

    • ALEH aims to provide Israeli children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities with all the specialized services they need to live a quality life.
    • ALEH offers Israel's most vulnerable population: residential living, medical care, rehabilitative and therapeutic treatment, special education, vocational training and social and cultural activities.
    • ALEH also provides some 32,000 outpatient sessions to children with milder disabilities who are able to live at home.
    • ALEH offers integration programs and activities involving family, volunteers, school children and IDF soldiers to promote acceptance and inclusion of the disabled within the community at large.
    • ALEH seeks to actively advocate for the rights of disabled people in Israel and to raise the level of available services. Furthermore to strive for changing common attitudes towards the disabled.
  • Overview

    Established: January 1982

    Registered Charity Number: 327766

    Board members: 33

    Full time staff: 700

    Part time staff: 50

    Volunteers: 1000

    Phone number: +972-2-5011103

    Address: 37 Ferncroft Avenue, London NW3 7PG

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  • Urgently needed Medication

    Aleh’s Medical Clinics provide professional medical intervention and preventive measures... More
  • Urgent Medical Equipment

    Aleh’s Medical Clinics provide professional medical intervention and preventive measures... More