Uspar (AJK) Health & Education Trust

Uspar (AJK) Health & Education Trust

Charity information

Uspar (AJK) Health & Education Trust

Uspar is a Leeds based charity to improve the health and education facilities in Chakswari (Azad Kashmir).

Founded 2006

  • Mission statement

    The Uspar (AJK) H&E Trust is a Leeds based charity registered with the UK Charities Commission.
    Its objectives are as follows:
    1) To provide adequate educational facilities for the benefit of the deprived children living in the rural area of Chakswari in Kashmir,
    2) To relieve sickness and distress and promote good health by assisting the work of the Chakswari Health Clinic.

    Uspar is a charity set up to help the people of Chakswari and the surrounding areas in Azad Kashmir (Pakistan). Political instability and a sharp decline in state funding for all public services over the years has resulted in the area suffering from some of the worst poverty in the Northern sub-continent. Lives are often lost due to inadequate treatment being available with even common ailments remaining untreated for months. Education is the key to help the children of the area realise their potential and eventually help the area break free from corruption and poverty. This is a long-term commitment which needs work to start now.

  • Aims

    Uspar (AJK) Health & Education Trust aims to:

    • CHAKSWARI FIRST i.e. to improve the health and education facilities in Chakswari (Azad Kashmir).
  • Overview

    Established: July 2006

    Registered Charity Number: 1115076

    Phone number: 07899803804

    Address: 35 St Martins Gardens Leeds LS7 3LD

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  • Class Room Chairs (Chakswari Schools)

    The boys’ high school and the girls’ college and high school need at least 400 chairs.
  • Accident and Emergency Centre

    The existing A&E unit in Chakswari Rural Health Centre (Mirpur) was set up approximately 5... More
  • Water Supply Project

    The current water supply system for the Rural Health Centre (RHC) Chakswari, Mirpur, is to... More
  • School Bus Project

    Approximately 30% of the teaching staff for Chakswari schools and colleges lives with in t... More
  • College Assembly Hall

    The Chakswari Girls High School & Degree College collage assembly hall was badly damaged d... More