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Street Child Africa

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Street Child Africa

Street Child Africa works with local partner organisations in sub-Saharan Africa to support children on street or at risk, providing education, training and opportunities to return to family life.

Founded 1998

  • Mission statement

    Street Child Africa has been working for the benefit of children living and working on the streets, and those at risk of turning to the streets, for over 16 years. Our holistic approach provides support to the most vulnerable people in the cities where we work, with the goal of reducing the number of children on the streets. We do this through: prevention work with families and communities; meeting the essential needs of children who live or work on the streets; and providing opportunities for street-connected children to build a positive future.

    Street Child Africa supports children facing harsh situations. Most will have had no choice but to turn to the streets to escape extreme poverty or instability in the home, often due to illness or death of a parent and family breakdown.

    Children and young people on the streets lack all protection: they are subjected to physical and sexual abuse, and have no access to healthcare or education. Without shelter, trusted adults and no knowledge about their rights, they are constantly at risk of being exploited.

    They need to work and can’t go to school: Street children work to survive. They have no time or money to go to school and get the education they need for skilled work.

    They have great potential: Being able to survive on the streets alone shows amazing resilience. They are resourceful and want to make a better life.

    We help children on the streets find the care and safety they need and the support to build a new life.

  • Aims

    Street Child Africa aims to:

    • Raise awareness about the causes and consequences of street migration through targeted advocacy (in the UK and overseas).
    • Contribute to the development of national strategies to tackle the root causes of street migration.
    • Facilitate effective coordination and collaboration through the creation of strong local African networks.
    • Strengthen the impact of partner organisations on the children they help through funding, training and advice (according to their needs).
  • Overview

    Established: March 1998

    Registered Charity Number: 1074832

    Board members: 9

    Full time staff: 2

    Part time staff: 6

    Volunteers: 5

    Phone number: 02089430999

    Address: Street Child Africa Myrtle House Hampton court Road East Molesey KT89BY

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