Prince's School of Traditional Arts

Prince's School of Traditional Arts

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Prince's School of Traditional Arts

The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts is a teaching institution specialising in the arts and crafts of the world’s great traditions. At its core is a pioneering postgraduate programme which combines teaching of practical skills of the traditional arts and crafts with an understanding of the philosophy inherent within them. Students join us from around the world to undertake research at the highest level.

The postgraduate programme has established an internationally renowned research base which is fundamental to the development of outreach programmes across the globe. The School has developed education programmes in a number of countries, including: Eygpt, Nigeria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, USA, Brunei, Japan and Malaysia, with future plans to work with partners in China and Oman. These give school children, craftsmen, university students and other members of the community access to high quality tuition in art and education, skills development and regeneration.


• Ensure that young people are taught design and craft traditions many of which are at great risk of becoming extinct
• Create bridges of understanding between people of different backgrounds and cultures
• Develop entrepreneurial and vocational employment opportunities

Fundamental to these objectives is the commitment of HRH The Prince of Wales to encourage an appreciation of the universal values that are essential to the practice and understanding of these traditional arts and crafts, and to support their regeneration as a valid means of contemporary expression.

Founded 2004