1Voice - Communicating Together

1Voice - Communicating Together

Charity information

1Voice - Communicating Together

1Voice aims to provide support and help to individuals who are non-verbal, who use alternative and augmentative communication methods to communicate/speak/talk.

Founded 2010

  • Mission statement

    Advance the development and education of children, young people and individuals who have communication difficulties, and their families. By assisting and encouraging users of alternative and augmentative communications, devices and methods (AAC) (PWUAAC). Users may communicate with words or symbols.
    We wish to advance and educate the public to increase their awareness and understanding of AAC.
    Support is offered by residential weekends and local branch activities, attended by users, families, and role models - people who successfully communicate with their devices - modelling to younger population. Further support is given in newsletters, website and blog/forum to share the process of learning AAC.

  • Aims

    1Voice - Communicating Together aims to:

    • Educate and increase awareness of Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) The public will see people who use alternative and augmentative communication systems, and interacts with them.
    • Support AAC users with their method and success with communication devices and methods. This encourages and supports the user in knowing that they can communicate well with everyone.
    • Support the families and others around the AAC user. With the appropriate support system around the user, individuals with communication systems can make progress and feel confident in their learning
  • Overview

    Established: December 2010

    Registered Charity Number: 1141886

    Board members: 5

    Part time staff: 2

    Volunteers: 25

    Phone number: 07943 618525

    Address: The Meridian 4 Copthall House Station Square Coventry CV1 2FL

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  • Once Upon a Holiday ....

    This is a residential weekend for AAC users to come together and share experiences of life... More