RCCG The Potter's House Parish Edinburgh

RCCG The Potter's House Parish Edinburgh

Charity information

RCCG The Potter's House Parish Edinburgh

RCCG The Potter's House Edinburgh desires to affect her community by seeking to be part of the work of regeneration currently going on in the community and beyond through the gospel and social action.

Founded 2009

  • Mission statement

    Our goal is to reach our immediate community with the Gospel while at the same time engage in social action that will be of immense benefit to our immediate community and the world at large.

    Our compassion for the less privileged in our community is a priority; supporting widows; orphans; working with the elderly and organizing events targeted specifically to their needs. Running programmes that will help stamp out poverty in the community; to support many that will require genuine financial assistance.

    Engaging positively with the youths in the community to discourage from engaging in any form of anti-social behaviour by periodically organising events that will encourage them to work together as a team; frequent camping or other related events that will give them the opportunity of meeting with other youths from other parts of the world.

    Working closely with the families to foster better family relations through organising family retreats where parents can openly share aspirations and testimonials; organising seminars and similar trainings and workshops to learn about positive parenting.

    Highlighting the dangers of drugs and alcohol addiction and supporting those that have such problems through support groups that will help restore hope to such individuals. There shall be periodic workshops to educate on the dangers of drugs and alcohol addiction.

    Promote the principles of Jesus Christ as it concerns the body, soul and the spirit of the individual - the total man.

  • Aims

    RCCG The Potter's House Parish Edinburgh aims to:

    • Support the needy; elderly; orphans; widows; the youths; the oppressed in the society; work to eradicate poverty in our communities; support drugs and alcohol addicts; promote positive family values.
    • Advancement of the Christian religion and its values amongst its membership; the immediate community; and the world at large. Propagating the principles of Jesus Christ through exemplary lifestyle.
  • Overview

    Established: July 2009

    Board members: 5

    Full time staff: 1

    Volunteers: 20

    Phone number: 07984930929

    Address: 5 Tudsbery Avenue Edinburgh EH16 4GX

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