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Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide

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Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide

Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide saves lives and relieves suffering by providing appropriate anaesthetic equipment that is urgently needed by people in poor countries.

Founded 2011

  • Mission statement

    Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide's mission is to provide life-saving anaesthesia to those in need in low-income countries.

    Five billion people around the world lack access to surgical and anaesthetic care. This means emergency operations cannot be performed and patients do not receive the treatment they urgently need. This results in suffering, disability and many deaths.

    Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide works to redress this huge inequality in anaesthesia provision in the following ways:

    By supplying anaesthetic equipment that is suitable for use in developing countries to hospitals in need. We only provide equipment that is safe, effective and inexpensive to use.
    By training medical and technical staff in poor countries to safely deliver anaesthesia and keep the anaesthetic equipment in good working order.
    By supporting research into ways of improving the safe delivery of anaesthesia in developing countries.

    We work closely with local hospitals and staff to ensure that we supply precisely what is needed.

  • Aims

    Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide aims to:

    • Improve the delivery of anaesthesia in low-income countries by supporting research that focuses on resource-poor environments.
    • Train medical and technical staff in low-income countries to deliver safe anaesthesia and maintain medical equipment.
    • Provide anaesthesia to enable emergency Caesarean sections to save the lives of women in childbirth.Thereby reducing maternal deaths and improving maternal health (Millennium Development Goal 5)
    • Provide appropriate equipment that is suitable for use in poor hospitals, with limited resources and few trained staff.
    • Save lives and relieve suffering by delivering anaesthesia, crucial for surgery to treat injuries, burns, remove tumours and deliver emergency obstetric care.
  • Overview

    Established: April 2011

    Registered Charity Number: 1148254

    Board members: 7

    Volunteers: 13

    Phone number: 07527506969

    Address: White Lyon House, The High Street,Marden,Kent, TN12 9DR

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