Building Understanding through International Links for Development

Building Understanding through International Links for Development

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Building Understanding through International Links for Development

BUILD’s aim is for every person in the United Kingdom to be “touched” by an international partnership between, their community, educational establishment, hospital, local authority, church and youth group.

These international partnerships are based on mutual trust, respect, friendship and fun. They are not about “giving to poor people in the developing world” they are about going on a journey of discovery and development together, pooling resources and achieving so much more as a team than would be would be achieved individually. We believe that these partnerships can change people’s lives and their views and this will ultimately lead to a better and safer world for us, our children and their children.

As Archbishop Desmond Tutu said

“………we are a family. And if we don’t learn this lesson pretty quickly, we are candidates for extinction”.

In today’s disparate society and the perceived threat of terrorism being broadcast daily by journalist, we can help to counter-act this by the bringing together of the diaspora living in this country with the communities that have a partnership to the country with which the diaspora came from. This bringing together enhances our knowledge of the community we have the partnership with; we can never know or understand as much about a particular country than the people who come from it. The diaspora being involved in the link brings a dimension and energy that you would not otherwise get and enables a community to learn from one other and become more cohesive.

Founded 2007

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