Campaign Against Living Miserably

Campaign Against Living Miserably

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Campaign Against Living Miserably

The campaign against living miserably, CALM, was launched in March 2006 as a campaign to bring down the suicide rate among young men. Suicide has vied with road accidents as the major cause of death for young men over the past decade, and provisional 2008 figures indicate that suicide is again the leading cause of death for men aged 15-34 in the UK.

Most men who kill themselves aren't accessing any services at the time of their death. And so reaching young men, getting them to call, is the biggest problem facing agencies wanting to work in this field. Reaching young men, however, is what CALM excels at. Currently 77% of all callers to our helpline are male.

We offer a helpline and website, and will shortly be launching a texting service to support men 15-35. Whilst we focus upon young men, the helpline will take calls from anyone regardless of age or gender. Our trained, professional advisors offer support, advice and information about where callers can find longer term help. Calls to the line are anonymous, confidential and free to call from Landlines.

If we are to make a significant difference to suicide in men, however, then we need to change how men are viewed in society, and how men feel about themselves. Because silent isn't strong, silence is what victims do. CALM wants to change the environment we operate in, becuase until it is changed, then suicide will continue to be one of the biggest killers of young men. Both here, and around the world.

Founded 2006

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