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Coventry University is committed to making your money go further.

By enthusiastically participating in the Government Matched Funding Scheme since August 2008. We have ensured that any money graciously gifted from our Alumni, Supporters, and Friends, has been almost doubled with ground breaking effects.

For example: When a UK taxpayer gave permission for us to claim Gift Aid on a donation of £10, this in combination with the Matched Fund resulted in the donation jumping up to an incredible £19. 07.

Obviously this makes a substantial difference to the Major Gifts we receive of £5,000 and above. Almost double the value of your gift, means double the difference you could make through Coventry University.

As a dynamic, enterprising and creative university, we are committed to providing an excellent education enriched by our focus on Applied Research. The university lies at the heart of the City and its buildings are as much a part of the landscape as the distinctive Cathedral spires. The University has long attracted investment to the city through research and collaboration with industry – helping to foster strong relationships between town and gown. This physical interface for our research and consultancy work with business and organisations in the public and voluntary sectors allows the University to contribute to the economic productivity and service effectiveness in the city, region and country.

With a strong vision in place for the development of Coventry University, there is an ambitious agenda set for the next twenty years, which will be achieved through successful partnership with the City Council and other organisations, with a shared vision for enhancement of the city’s built environment, its economic prosperity and social wellbeing. It supports the region’s economic and skills strategies and underpins the University’s engagement with national and European priorities.

To find out more about the universities plans please have a look at our website: www. Coventry. Ac. Uk

Founded 1992

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    Established: August 1992

    Phone number: 024 7679 5050

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