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Vision Africa

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Vision Africa

Vision Africa is a small UK charity that was founded in 2001. We work in close partnership with individuals and communities to create lasting, sustainable change and support children and young people from all backgrounds and abilities to access the quality education and training they deserve.

Our goal is a practical expression of love and compassion that ensures all children and young people have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Founded 2001

  • Mission statement

    Our mission is to work closely with children, their families and communities to create a level playing field for all children regardless of background or ability.

  • Aims

    Vision Africa aims to:

    • To promote social inclusion and prevent people from becoming socially excluded, relieving the needs of those people who are socially excluded and assisting them to integrate.
    • To prevent and relieve poverty in Kenya through the provision of education, training and personal development to enable individuals to generate sustainable incomes.
    • To develop the capacity and skills of vulnerable and marginalised groups in Kenya so they are better able to fully participate in society.
  • Overview

    Established: September 2001

    Registered Charity Number: 1091198

    Board members: 7

    Full time staff: 1

    Part time staff: 1

    Volunteers: 8

    Phone number: 0770 627 6331

    Address: 80 Bushey Mill Crescent, Watford WD24 7RD

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