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Izzy's Promise

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Izzy's Promise

Izzy’s Promise is a charity organisation (Charity No. SC033706) based in Dundee, Scotland (UK) that offers free and confidential support services to: Ritual/organised abuse survivors; Refugees; Asylum seekers; Ethnic minorities’ and Persons trafficked via rituals. Izzy’s Promise offers training and consultancy services; Conducts research into causes of ritual abuse and any ways of preventing or relieving the suffering caused by abuse; recruits and trains volunteers to work towards supporting survivors of ritual/organised abuse and those who support them; and networks with other agencies.

Founded 2002

  • Mission statement

    Izzy’s Promise is a charity organisation based in Dundee, Scotland (UK). We offer a free confidential support service for men and women ritual abuse survivors, aimed at relieving mental and physical distress of people who have suffered organised or ritual abuse. We also conduct research into causes of ritual abuse and ways of preventing it, and we offer training to other agencies, on ritual abuse and how to help survivors. We have been involved in supporting abuse survivors of trafficking and those who have been trafficked by use of rituals such as voodoo and ju-ju mostly from Africa and the Caribbean and ritual abuse among asylum seekers and refugees. We are also very much involved in addressing and supporting survivors of abuse resulting from FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), forced marriage and honour killings, and child trafficking.

  • Aims

    Izzy's Promise aims to:

    • To organise exhibitions, meetings, seminars, conferences, training and other events (whether for a charge or otherwise) in furtherance of the above objects.
    • To provide training, educational programmes and other developments which would increase recovery, resilience and well-being of those affected.
    • To produce, publish, distribute or otherwise make available (whether for a charge or otherwise), books, pamphlets, educational resources and other material.
    • To raise the awareness of the general public and professional bodies about the nature and extent of ritual/organised abuse and to encourage their support and understanding.
    • To support people who have experienced trauma due to ritual/organised abuse and provide them, and others, with support and information.
  • Overview

    Established: September 2002

    Board members: 7

    Full time staff: 3

    Volunteers: 8

    Phone number: 01382224737

    Address: 1 Victoria Road, Dundee DD1 1EL

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