The Cadispa trust

The Cadispa trust

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The Cadispa trust

The CADISPA Trust uses non-formal and experienced-based learning as the basis of local community development. Through place-based research local people in partnership with CADISPA are able to become critically informed about the future development options of their community. The CADISPA network (free membership) offers continuing peer support to all those who need it.

  • Mission statement

    The CADISPA Trust is a place-based research, education and community development organisation with emphasis on building more sustainable communities, resiliance and confidence through carful and planned intervention. It also seeks environmental protection and improvement and has the following objects:

    • Through advancement of non-formal education, to enable local people who live and work in rural communities to become critically informed about the future development options of their community.
    • To advance community development through the establishment, using conflict resolution techniques as necessary, of a sound community mandate for sustainable change, to which each member of the local community has an opportunity to contribute.
    • To advance environmental protection and improvement by ensuring that this development is located within the ‘triangle of sustainability’ taking into consideration environmental, economic and social issues.
    • To help local people develop a definition of 'sustainable development' that is relevant and meaningful to them.
    • To ensure that the learning achieved through these activities is disseminated for greater public good nationally and internationally through the CADISPA Network and website.
    • To interact with community development and sustainability professionals, nationally and internationally, through many pathways to ensure that the organisation continues to be at the forfront of sustainable local development and change.

  • Overview

    Phone number: 0141 889 2150

    Address: 3015 Abbeymill Business Centre12 Seedhill RoadPaisley PA1 1JS

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  • The CADISPA Trust

    To help local people living in rural Scotland to make their communities more sustainable... More