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Helen's Trust

Helen's Trust is a vital local charity that helps anyone with an incurable illness to have the choice to live out their lives in their own home. We endeavour to fund whatever it takes to achieve this aim, for example: nursing care, sitters, help to run the house, support of others living in the home or equipment.

The charity was conceived as a tribute to the spirit of Helen Louise Lyon, who died, at home, of an incurable illness. In her memory we are striving to ensure that the choice of being able to stay at home is available to more people.

We do make a difference to the lives of the people we are privileged to help. This is a "thank you" we received from a lady who lost her sister to an incurable illness:

“…She asked me to lay by her at night so she was not on her own. This situation lasted only three nights, but seemed like a life time. Then Helen’s Trust came into being. Each evening I would have the company of a carer, who not only looked after my sister’s needs, but also made sure I was OK.

All of a sudden I felt I could cope and make sure her last days were as she would have wanted. We had the opportunity to spend her last days together, talking and reminiscing in a wonderful relaxed atmosphere all thanks to Helen’s Trust. It has certainly helped me to cope with my grief, to be able to nurse a loved one in their home is a real gift…Thank you. ”

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