Eglinton Community Ltd

Eglinton Community Ltd

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Eglinton Community Ltd

Eglinton Community Ltd was founded from an amalgamation of the Village Association, Women's Group and Youth Club to fundraise for a new Community Hall to be built on a site donated by a local businessman. We now manage and run Eglinton Community Hall with a very successful programme of health, fitness, sport, arts and education.
We aim to fundraise to extend our premises on our current site as we are running at full capacity every evening. We want to offer a wider range of activities for young people such as midnight football to take them off the streets. We provide a venue for evry member of our community from 6 months - 65+.

Founded 1998

  • Overview

    Established: 1998

    Phone number: 028 71812303

  • Extension to Eglinton Community Hall

    Provision of midnight football and provision of a centre of sporting excellence. Expand c... More