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Serian UK

Serian UK was established in 2005 to promote education for sustainable ways of living in Tanzania and the UK. It provides ongoing support to Noonkodin Secondary School, a school with almost 200 pupils in a remote Maasai village in northern Tanzania, where there is a focus on preserving indigenous knowledge and traditional skills. Pupils participate in vacation projects to research and document local medicinal plants, and in a structured program that encourages them to compare their lives with those of other indigenous peoples around the world, such as Native Americans, Aboriginal Australians, Tibetans, Saami and Yanomami. They also take part in school farm and garden projects.

Many of the pupils at Noonkodin are 'refugee' girls who have come to the school to escape from female genital mutilation (FGM), usually practised on girls aged between 12 and 16, and forced marriages, often to much older men. The school is also launching a peer education program to help prevent FGM and HIV/AIDS in the local community.

Founded 2005

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