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Artlink Central

Artlink Central is the main provider of accessible and quality arts programmes to people in the Forth Valley facing barriers to participation in cultural and arts opportunities. Artlink Central aims to promote access to the arts across the Forth Valley with a focus on people who are experiencing mental health problems and disabled people as well as other groups and communities facing barriers to participation and access.

Artlink Central is a limited company (No. 109852) and has charitable status with the Inland Revenue SC0 08158

Why Artlink Central?

“Through the arts we can reach the parts that no one else can”
Anita Smiley, Chair of Artlink Central

Artlink Central promotes and supports the arts in the Forth Valley through:
• Many years of community and creative development to support the organisation’s extensive creative and social capital in the Forth Valley
• Leadership and artistic direction in community arts through a core staff team of experienced arts professionals who are artists themselves and promoting artist development.
• Rooted community liason role, joining up services, agencies and artists to support arts development in the region.
• The outside perspective – as a community arts organisation working with artists we offer the opportunity to bring innovation and creative approaches to challenges and barriers to participation in community and institutional settings

Founded 1989