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AV Festival

AV Festival - international festival of electronic arts, music and moving image

AV Festival is an international arts festival presenting visual art, music and moving image in locations across the North East of England. We are known for the quality, diversity and innovative nature of the work we show, and are acknowledged as a leader in the field of electronic arts in the UK and internationally.

AV Festival promotes art that connects with 21st century audiences, for whom wireless communication, interactive TV and on-line social networking are part of everyday life. We seek to ignite debate and discussion on topics of critical importance to our lives, such as sustainability, the influence of the media, and life sciences.

AV Festival showcases an extraordinary range of events and activities, from spectacular large scale events, to unconventional guided tours, from exhibitions at landmark cultural venues, to events in unusual locations, which have included the Newcastle’s Castle Keep, Sunderland Winter Gardens tropical glasshouse and Newcastle’s historic Grainger Market.

AV Festival 08 presented the first UK performance of John Cage’s Variations VII, a reinvention of the first radio broadcast of War of the Worlds and the first showing in the UK of Joyce Hinterding’s Aeriology exhibition.

Founded 2003

  • AV Festival 10

    AV Festival 10 will take place from 5 – 14 March 2010. The festival will be based aroun... More