Together Women Project (TWP)

Together Women Project (TWP)

Charity information

Together Women Project (TWP)

Together Women (TWP) supports women experiencing multiple needs, disadvantage and exclusion. TWP's women only centres provide a one stop shop for support services.

Founded 2009

  • Mission statement

    Our aims:
    To support women who are often vulnerable and marginalised by society to break the cycle of offending that many become trapped in. To help divert women from custody wherever appropriate, as women suffer disproportionately more in prison than men, and consequently so do their children and their families. TWP centres provide a combination of 1:1 support and access to courses and groups held at the centre. We support women to tackle a range of issues including: mental and physical health problems, substance misuse issues, domestic violence and abuse, and lack of access to education, training and employment opportunties. We also support mothers to tackle their children's issues such as truancy, anti social behaviour and youth offending.

  • Aims

    Together Women Project (TWP) aims to:

    • to provide women experiencing multiple disadvantage and exclusion to access the support they need to live happy healthy independent lives.
    • to reduce the number of women entering the criminal justice system and reducing re-offending of female offenders.
  • Overview

    Established: April 2009

    Registered Charity Number: 1128892

    Phone number: 0113 3808908

    Address: 13 Park Square East LS1 2LF

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