KISS (Kiddies Support Scheme)

KISS (Kiddies Support Scheme)

Charity information

KISS (Kiddies Support Scheme)

KISS works in Uganda to support vulnerable children, their families and their communities. KISS' main focus is to enable the children we support to become independent and self sufficient.

  • Mission statement

    To support human and spiritual development among children, their families and their communities in Uganda. Based on African models of family, we aim to assist and encourage families to look after children, whatever their needs within the home environment. We work to increase access to, and awareness of, education and healthcare. We work to instil the importance of strong supportive relationships as tools for lasting development in Uganda.

  • Aims

    KISS (Kiddies Support Scheme) aims to:

    • To serve those in Uganda where the need is great, by working for a future in which need is met with unconditional love and practical help
  • Overview

    Registered Charity Number: 1081937

    Phone number: 07795418468

    Address: 7 Bedford Road letchworth SG6 4DJ

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