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Act 4

Act 4 is a registered charity, which since launching in 2003, has worked with many thousands of children. The majority of our work takes place in schools using our high quality, creative, performance based programmes, which are focused on promoting positive values and equipping children with the knowledge and skills to make a difference. The charity draws on a Christian foundation; ensuring that the content of material is delivered in a sensitive and inclusive way, based on many years experience of working in secular schools. Act 4 is currently based in South Hertfordshire, with ongoing work in over 20 primary schools.

This summer Act 4 will attempt to set a new World Record for the most number of theatrical perforamnces in 50 days as it seeks to launch a range of new programmes focused on community cohesion and getting children to recognise their potential.

Founded 1998

  • World Record Attempt - 50 performances in 50 venue...

    Between 1st June and 20th July 2009 Act 4 will attempt to set a new world record for the m... More