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Meniere's Society

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Meniere's Society

The Meniere's Society offers support and funds research to help people with vestibular disorders.

Founded 1984

  • Mission statement

    The Ménière’s Society is the UK registered charity for people with vestibular (inner ear) disorders causing severe dizziness and imbalance.

    Ménière’s disease is a long term progressive condition which damages both the balance and hearing parts of the inner ear. Symptoms are acute attacks of vertigo (severe dizziness), fluctuating tinnitus, increasing deafness, and a feeling of pressure in the ear. There is currently no known cure. Other vestibular disorders, such as labyrinthitis, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) and migraine-associated vertigo have similar debilitating symptoms of dizziness for sufferers.

    Balance disorders like these are difficult to diagnose and treat; they are distressing and disabling. Patients are often told they must learn to live with their symptoms but are given little or no help to do so. Dizziness can lead to reduced quality of life, anxiety, unsteadiness and vulnerability to falling. A recent Royal College of Physicians Report on Hearing and Balance Disorders states that at least half the adult population will suffer from a hearing and/or balance disorder, at some point. Chronic dizziness is common and is thought to affect one in 10 working age adults and one in five older people.

    As well as supporting sufferers, the Meniere’s Society aims to raise public awareness of these conditions and funds vital research in the field.

  • Aims

    Meniere's Society aims to:

    • Raise awareness of vestibular disorders.
    • Support vital research into vestibular disorders.
    • Provide support and information to people with dizziness and balance disorders.
  • Overview

    Established: July 1984

    Registered Charity Number: 297246

    Board members: 15

    Full time staff: 2

    Part time staff: 2

    Phone number: 01306 876883

    Address: Meniere's SocietyThe RookerySurrey Hills Business ParkWottonSurrey RH5 6QT

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