Brunswick Healthy Living Centre

Brunswick Healthy Living Centre

Charity information

Brunswick Healthy Living Centre

To: Improve the health and wellbeing of vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Warwick district (particularly in the Brunswick and Willes wards).
Brunswick Healthy Living Centre (BHLC) is a multi-service centre.

BHLC is committed to avoiding duplication of services. Identifying areas of need and developing services to address need in relation to holistic health is the organisations aim. Partnership development and collaborative working is fundamental to the way Brunswick Healthy Living Centre works within the community and aims to develop future services and activities.

Priority needs/objectives of BHLC& Network:
• Physical activity/physical health
• Healthy eating
• Mental wellbeing
• Economic health
• Supporting independent living
• Access to accurate and up to date information regarding health and its related issues for the general public

Core Values
• Non-judgemental
• Inclusive/welcoming/open & transparent
• Creating a safe environment
• To be empowering to individuals
• Removing barriers and improving access
• Value and respect individuals

Founded 2007

  • The Money Programme

    Given the current economic climate and the large number of redundancies, BHLC has consider... More