St George's Hospital-Umunumo Support Group England

St George's Hospital-Umunumo Support Group England

Charity information

St George's Hospital-Umunumo Support Group England

Working to provide a 22 bed hospital in rural Umunumo, Nigeria, for the urgent relief of sickness and to provide maternity care and health care reducing premature death of mothers and their babies.

Founded 2008

  • Mission statement

    To provide a 22 bed local hospital in Umunumo town Nigeria for the relief of sickness. To sink a bore hole to provide a clean water supply, sanitation and residental accommodation for health care workers. Lack of access to a local hospital seriously increases incidents of premature death as does lack of clean water. We believe in caring for our global family.
    The project arises out of a reciprocal relationship being built between our Parish community in the Nottingham Diocese UK and the local community in Umunumo. We have Nigerian priests supporting our parishes and we asked how we could support their community. A priest from our DIocese has visited and met with community representatives in Umunumo so that we can jointly plan what is needed. Local people have built the main part of the hospital already. The health facility will be open to people with no distinction of ethnic background, location, religion or capacity to pay.

  • Aims

    St George's Hospital-Umunumo Support Group England aims to:

    • To reduce the premature death rate in the local community of Umunumo and surrounding area. Mothers and babies are most vulnerable due to lack of any health care and no safe water supply.
    • To work in partnership with the community to provide sanitation, being part of the regeneration and development of Umunumo and surrounding area in Nigeria.
    • To provide a health care facility in the rural town of Umunumo, Nigeria for the relief of sickness and supporting the development of the community. Currently their is no local provision.
  • Overview

    Established: September 2008

    Registered Charity Number: 1126294

    Board members: 8

    Phone number: 01332767038

    Address: 40 Village Street Derby DE23 8SZ

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