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Startup has developed and proven a scheme to help ex-offenders start their own businesses. Our beneficiaries are those for whom employment on release from prison is extremely unlikely and so are at high risk of joining the 65% of ex-offenders who are reconvicted within two years of leaving prison. Prisoners may learn valuable practical work skills while in prison such as plumbing, building or painting and decorating for example, but without the necessary financial and personal support on leaving prison they can do little to turn their training into a means of earning a living. Getting employment with a criminal record can be difficult and self employment is often the only option.

Startup's model:

- identifies potential candidates in prison, often from prison business courses
- helps candidates build their business plan
- supports selected candidates with a mix of modest grant funding plus coaching and mentoring for up to two years.

Our ‘through the gate’ support from business advisors and our voluntary mentor network is instrumental in giving candidates leaving prison a sense of optimism about their futures, getting businesses up and running quickly and helping reintegration into the community.

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