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York and District Mind

Mind is the leading mental health charity in England and Wales, working to create a better life for everyone with experience of mental distress. York and District Mind has continued to respond to the needs of our particular community, and to provide a more convenient and accessible service to local people. We are a local Mind Association we pay to affiliate to Mind (National Association for Mental Health) in recognition of our shared ethos. We affiliated to Mind in 1956 and we have been an independent self-governing and self-funding since then. We first registered as a charity in 1972 and in 1994 became a company limited by guarantee retaining our charitable status. We are funded in part by grant aid from local statutory bodies, but also rely heavily on our own fundraising initiatives and on individual donations from the community in order to continue our important work.

The mission of our organisation is to eradicate social exclusion, discrimination and impoverishment on the basis of mental health as well as providing support for people in mental and emotional distress. We currently offer Community Advocacy Services, a Hospital Advocacy Service, a Befriending Service, a General Counselling Service, a Carer’s Counselling Service, an Information resource line and Support Groups. We provide training to other organisations, facilitate local research projects and have many volunteering opportunities. In all our work, with each other, our partners and clients, we promote our core values and uphold professional standards. The services we offer are free to people who are in or have been in mental and emotional distress, their friends and Carers. The values and principles which underpin York and District Mind's work are:
autonomy, equality, knowledge, participation and respect.

Founded 1956

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