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The Government has offered to give £1 for every £2 that you give to the Universtiy of East London. The Annual Fund is part of our ambitious development plans for 2009–2013 that will help us invest in the future and build on everything we have achieved to date. To fulfil our plans, we need to invest in our campuses, resources and the range of academic research and sporting programmes for our growing number of students (currently over 20,000).
UEL is our university: it belongs to our staff, students,
Governors, alumni, friends, supporters and wider communities.
The time to support our UEL is NOW.

  • Mission statement

    The Annual Fund offers an opportunity to our alumni, staff, students,
    Governors and other friends of the University to play an important role
    in fulfilling our development plans in the run up to 2012.

    The Annual Fund will provide money for:

    • Student Hardship Fund to assist students who experience severe
    economic hardship during the course of their studies.
    • Small Start-up Research Grants to support researchers at the
    start of their research careers.
    • A new Sports, Leisure and Performing Arts Centre at
    our Docklands Campus – our university needs sporting and
    performing arts facilities and programmes. It is absolutely crucial
    that we develop these facilities prior to 2012 so that we can offer
    our students, staff and local communities what they deserve.
    • A new Library at our Stratford Campus – our Stratford campus
    has grown considerably and the current library needs to expand
    to remain a rich repository of knowledge for our academic schools
    in Stratford.
    • Other existing and new development priorities.
    The Annual Fund will be distributed annually amongst our priorities.

  • Overview

    Phone number: 0208 223 6016