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3a. The Charity's objects (‘the Objects’) are to relieve in cases of need, hardship and distress persons who are resident in the County of East Sussex and surrounding areas by providing such persons with furniture and household necessities of all descriptions and to provide the transport facilities to move these necessities between accommodation.

3b. To further the education of persons resident in the above area, whether or not such persons have special educational needs, in the arts and techniques of the refurbishment of furniture and household necessities no longer needed by previous owners to enable such items to be recycled for the purposes in 3a above.

3c. The protection and preservation of the environment for the public benefit by:
i) the promotion of sustainable waste management practices and the provision of recycling facilities
ii) advancing public education about environmental matters related to sustainable management practices in regards to household and commercial/ industrial waste.
iii) carrying out research and development into sustainable waste management practices and disseminating the useful results of that research.

In this clause sustainable waste management practices includes waste minimisation, minimisation of pollution and harm from waste, reuse of land, re-use, recycling and composting of waste, waste recovery activities and the clearing of pollutants from contaminated land.

Founded 1994

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