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Construction Youth Trust

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Construction Youth Trust

Construction is the UK’s largest sector. It offers a wealth of opportunity for training and employment in a wide variety of roles. However young people throughout the United Kingdom face barriers to accessing these opportunities.

The goal of the Construction Youth Trust is to enable young people and their communities to overcome these barriers and access training and employment. In doing so, the Trust seeks to enable them to lead fulfilling and productive lives.

The Trust does this through:-
• awareness raising
• access to training
• enhancing employability
• mentoring and work support
• informing the debate

We achieve our goal by undertaking programmes ranging from individual bursaries to construction skills courses, and from work placement schemes to guidance sessions. By helping individuals to gain training and employment, the Trust’s work effectively tackles social exclusion and related disadvantage.

There are multiple barriers to entry into training and employment in the construction sector. We work in a wide variety of areas, with particular focus on:
•young people aged 14-30, particularly those facing disadvantage or disaffection
•women and ethnic minorities, who often face unique barriers to entry into construction
•disadvantaged groups and communities

The Trust is uniquely placed to help individuals and communities. We have wide ranging contacts within the construction industry, including a Trustee body made up of senior figures from the sector, and expertise in working with young people and their communities.

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