The Federation of Irish Societies

The Federation of Irish Societies

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The Federation of Irish Societies

The Federation of Irish Societies (FIS), the national umbrella organisation in Britain for irish Societies and third sector organisationsin England. It promotes the interests of Irish-born people and those of Irish origin through research, representation, community care, education, culture and arts, youth and sports activities and information provision. Health is a priority area of FIS work, due to the acute and particular needs of the Irish community in Britain.

Through intensive campaigning and a programme of informing policy through facilitated meetings, conferences and presentations, FIS has work hard to ensure that the Government Departments, including Health, funders and other statutory organisations are inclusive and address the needs of the Irish as a minority ethinic community.

FIS objectives are focussed on reducing health inequalities, welfare reform and community chesion, whilst enhancing partnerships between Irish organisations and strategic health bodies, improve health related information, encourage community engagement and increase the number of focussed campaigns and projects available to Irish people.

Our current work with Irish organisations is restricted by resources. However health initiatives, around mental health, smoking cessation and alcohol awareness have been popular. Our research identifies that a robust health strategy is required to address and Irish health deficits that are engendered and sustained by social, economic and structural factors. A key strategic objective is developing a sustainable business model that addresses Irish health problems in the UK.

Founded 1973

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