Charity information


Outsiders offers physically and socially disabled people the chance to gain more confidence, make new friends, find a partner and develop relationships should they wish. We support and encourage them throughout their own personal journey.

Disabled people join us feeling emotionally lonely, isolated and rejected. Once they get involved, they learn to love themselves and become lovable. Surrounded new friends, they meet someone special.

Outsiders runs the Sex and Disability Helpline which callers are pleased to discover works to transform their personal lives from disaster to pleasure.

We campaign for disabled people's personal needs to be properly addressed by health professionals, and to promote the sexual rights of disabled people.

Outsiders' Vision: That disability should not pose as an obstacle to sexual happiness, desirability or expression, and that disabled people are accepted as sexual partners.

Outsiders' Mission Statement: Relieve the emotional isolation experienced by people with physical and social disabilities, and encourage them to gain the confidence to form friendships and personal relationships, and live life to the full.

Founded 1979

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