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75% of young adults leaving custody find themselves back inside within two years. Before their release, they will tell you with determination that this is their last time in prison. However, sticking to good intentions and holding on to self-belief is a very different thing when prison support systems have fallen away and you have less than £50 to last you your first few weeks outside.

Research shows that having a plan of what to do with your time and a legitimate way to earn money means making the right choices is much easier. We are convinced that there is a narrow window of opportunity that provides the key to determining the future of newly released young people.

Switchback supports 18-24 year old offenders to build on skills learnt in prison kitchens so that real, positive change is possible after release. Through work-based training, personal development and addressing the practical issues at the heart of the re-offending cycle, sustainable employment becomes a realistic option for this vulnerable group.

Founded 2007

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    We currently deal with damaged young men and their complex lives from a shared office. ... More